10 Modern Living Room Inspiration

Modern living room is a dream for everyone who has a beautiful home at any time. You need to pay attention to the various fixtures that are in the living room. Add a sofa with beautiful motifs will be more appealing to the eyes.

It could be by adding a decorative table lamp in order to get an impression of light that shines brightly. To add to the impression of a privileged point of your living room towards sun light in order to impress. Under the glass counter lay a soft carpet to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the body.

Glass and wood table can be an option at any time in choosing the decor of your modern living room. Add a variety of electronic devices can be used as a medium of entertainment for the family.

Modern living room with white sofa in apartment
Pictures by Ando Studio

Modern living room using stylish fur rugs decor and brown sofa
Pictures by GCA Architects

Modern living room using black leather sofa and wooden wall
Pictures by Studio Mode

Modern living room using mininalist glass design inspiration
Pictures by Nu Infinity

Modern living room using stylish brick wall and contemporary glass table
Pictures by Cuns Studio

Modern living room using round glass table plus beautiful pillow decor
Pictures by Austin Fine Properties

Modern living room using gray sofa and wooden flooring
Pictures by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern living purple sofa decor ideas
Pictures by Eugene Meshcheruk

Modern living room using contemporary chandelier and great chair design
Pictures by Yodezeen

Modern living room using large room interior
Pictures by Starck & SWISS PROPERTY

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